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Stop Obama’s Internet Takeover

Recommended Action: Contact Your Congressman Today!

Contact your Congressman today and say you oppose the government takeover of the Internet, and ask them to stop what even the liberal Washington Post has called a “naked power grab.”

The Congress has written laws freeing the Internet from regulation, the American people have spoken, and the federal courts have recently ruled that the FCC’s attempts to regulate the Internet are not supportable by the rule of law.  With 53 percent of Americans opposing government regulations of the Internet, and the federal court clearly stating the FCC’s lack of authority to assert such regulations, Congress must receive a strong message that you will not stand by and allow the government to takeover yet another industry.

Free Press, the radical-left organization leading the fight to regulate the Internet, has been waging a campaign to turn the Internet into a public utility controlled by the federal government.  They, and their allies in the government, must be stopped.

Congress needs to exercise its proper role under Article I of the Constitution and stop the runaway FCC from improperly acting as an unaccountable legislative body and forcing its disastrous new policy on a free society.  Your voice is needed to help stop this government takeover.

It’s free and easy. Simply  CLICK HERE and you will be directed to an easy-to-use web page that will send your Congressman your message.


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